DnD Eldritch Invocations 5e (2024)

When it comes toWarlocks’Eldritch Invocations 5e gives you all sorts of options.Eldritch Invocations are special abilities that Warlock characters unlockasthey level up– but, if you want to make the most of them, you’ll need to choose wisely, picking Eldritch Invocations that pair well with your character (and your favourite Warlock spells). This guide tracks the best choices, as well as our personal favourites.

There are a huge number of Eldritch Invocations available in DnD 5e: some boost attacks; some grant access to new spells; others dispense situational butpowerful buffs. As your Warlock 5e character passes through each DnD level up, you’ll swiftly find yourself with a lot of options on your plate – so we’ve pored through everyEldritch Invocation tocompilethis guide to the best (and most flavoursome) picks. Wealso explainexactly how these class-specific abilities work, and when they unlock.

If you’re not sure about the Warlocking life after all,feel free to go back to the drawing board withour full guides to DnD classes and DnD races. We’ve also got a guide to the best DnD character creator tools online, to make the job easier.

If you’re set on the Warlock’s dark path, however – read on, and choose your Invocations.

How Eldritch Invocations work

Starting at level 2, Warlocks gain access to Eldritch Invocations. Initially, you get to pick 2 from any of the lists in the official core DnD books, or maybe create some of your own with your Dungeon Master (DM), if you’re partial to a spot of DnD homebrew. With your DM’s permission, you can also choose from the numerous options in Unearthed Arcana.

At each of the 5th, 7th. 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th levels, you’ll unlock another invocation– so don’t worry if you’re not able to get all of the abilities you’d like in your first two picks.

In fact, many Eldritch Invocations are sufficiently powerful that they have level prerequisites. Some also require you to have a certain kind of Warlock Pact, so bear that in mind when building your character.

Though the full list of Eldritch Invocationsis too long to includehere, we’ve been through every single one of them so you don’t have to – read on for our expert choices.

Best Eldritch Invocations

When it comes to Eldritch Invocations, some are better than others in terms of the advantages they secure for you. Though there will always be debates as to which Invocations are the very best, the following make for solid, powerful choices – especially if you’re playing a Warlock for the first time.

The best Eldritch Invocations 5e offers are:

  • Agonizing Blast
  • Armor of Shadows
  • Eyes of the Rune Keeper
  • Devil’s Sight
  • Shroud of Shadow
  • Tomb of Levistus

Agonizing Blast

Agonizing Blast allows you to add your Charisma modifier to the damage caused by your Eldritch Blast cantrip. This turns an already solid and reliable cantrip into an even more powerful source of damage.

Armor of Shadows

This Eldritch Invocation lets you cast Mage Armor on yourself for free without expending a spell slot or materials.Armor of Shadowsis a great way to reliably increase your AC, especially at low levels.

Eyes of the Rune Keeper

Eyes of the Rune Keeper lets you read any writing. That doesn’t sound like much, but the ability to transcend the language barrier as early as level 2 can be a serious boon, especially in campaigns with lots of investigation.

Devil’s Sight

This Eldritch Invocation lets you see in mundane and magical darkness with ease. CombineDevil’s Sight with the Darkness spell, and you can blind your enemies while staying completely aware of your surroundings.

Shroud of Shadow

Though you have to be level 15 to acquire this Eldritch Invocation, Shroud of Shadow allows you to cast Invisibility at will, without expending a spell slot. Both inside and outside of combat, the ability to turn invisible whenever you like creates endless possibilities and will be more than enough to keep your DM on their toes.

Tomb of Levistus

Available at 5th level, this Eldritch Invocation is profoundly underrated. As a reaction, this Invocation lets you entomb yourself in ice until the end of your next turn. This gives you 10 temporary hit points per Warlock level, which can be used to soak up any damage caused by whatever you reacted to. Unfortunately, it does cause you to become vulnerable to fire damage and to be incapacitated for a turn. However, Tomb of Levistus is a great emergency trump card for soaking damage.

Most fun Eldritch Invocations

As good as it can be to pick useful Eldritch Invocations, sometimes it can be tempting to go off-piste with your choices and create aDnD character build that’s truly unique to you. Here are some of the most entertaining Eldritch Invocations out there.

Beast Speech

Talking to animals never gets old in DnD. This Eldritch Invocation allows you to cast Speak With Animals at will, without expending a spell slot. If you want to play a Warlock who’s more bestial or in touch with nature, Beast Speech can be a great way to create new roleplaying opportunities.

Ghostly Gaze

Accessible once you reach level 7, Ghostly Gaze lets you see through walls for a minute. Though this ability can only be used once per short rest, it can be a brilliant (and hilarious) way to get the jump on your enemies.

Mask of Many Faces

Mask of Many Facesallows you to cast Disguise Self at will, without spending a spell slot. Disguise Self isan endlessly amusing DnD spell, lettingplayers pull off all sorts of shenanigans byaltering their appearance. It’s a must-pick for sneaky or duplicitous Warlocks.

Undying Servitude

Unlockable at 5th level, this Eldritch Invocation lets you cast Animate Dead without using a spell slot. Though this can only occur once per long rest,Undying Servitude can provea great asset if you’re looking for a convenient source of cannon fodder. It’s also wonderfully flavourful if you’re playing a Warlock themed around undeath or necromancy.

Eldritch Mind

On the surface, Eldritch Mind – an ability that gives you advantage on Constitution saving throws that you make to maintain spell concentration – might not seem that interesting. However, knowing that whatever pesky monster you’re fighting will find it extremely tough to throw you off your game will allow you to cast spells with greater confidence and impunity.

Otherworldly Leap

Available at 9th level, Otherworldly Leap allows you to cast Jump at will without expending a spell slot. Warlocks may have a reputation in some circles for being fragile spellcasters, but this Eldritch Invocation will let you prove all the doubters wrong. This spell triples your jump distance, allowing you to accomplish feats of acrobatic prowess that’ll be the envy of Rogue5e characters everywhere.

DnD Eldritch Invocations 5e (2024)
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